ASDWA & GWPC Submit Joint Comments on Farm Bill Implementation

On Monday (2/25), ASDWA & GWPC submitted comments (below) to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that focused on the source water protection component (Section 2503(d)) of 2018 Farm Bill Implementation. On February 14th, USDA published a Federal Register notice for a listening session for 2018 Farm Bill Implementation on 2/26 and invited the submission of public comments to the docket. ASDWA’s & GWPC’s comments focused on ongoing source water protection efforts by both organizations, as well as efforts by the Source Water Collaborative (SWC), including the SWC’s toolkit – “Protecting Drinking Water Sources Through Agricultural Conservation Practices”. Implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill has great promise for source water protection, as USDA is required “to use no less than ten percent of conservation program funds to implement the provision on Source Water Protection through Targeting of Agricultural Practices”.

ASDWA-GWPC Farm Bill Comments – FINAL 02252019