EPA Region 3 Releases New Chlorine Calibration Training Video

EPA Region 3 has recently released a training video that demonstrates field calibration verification for measuring chlorine residual. The training video was developed after Region 3 began implementation of a drinking water research project and found that most participating water systems were not following the quality assurance procedures for chlorine measurement instrumentation required by EPA Method 334. It was also observed that many small Public Water System operators do not check instruments using a prepared chlorine standard as required by Method 334, neither performing the Initial Demonstration of Calibration nor the routine one-point calibration check to be conducted quarterly.  Accurate measurement of chlorine is essential to both ensuring proper chlorination of drinking water to protect human health and correct reporting of compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act Maximum Residual Disinfectant Levels chlorine residual limit.

This 25 minute training video will help address frequent questions from water systems about proper calibration procedures. The video covers both the more common calibration check using secondary standards as well as calibration verification using primary standards as suggested in EPA Method 334.  The video shows the equipment and supplies needed, how to prepare standard chlorine solutions and calculate dilutions, and how to perform the calibration verification. Click here to view the video.