EPA Releases Draft National Water Reuse Action Plan

At the Tuesday (9/10) plenary luncheon of the 34th Annual WateReuse Symposium, EPA released its Draft National Water Reuse Action Plan. The Draft Plan has an associated 90-day public comment period that will start upon its publication in the Federal Register, which will probably be in the next couple of weeks. ASDWA will likely develop comments on the Draft Plan.

As part of the his comments at the luncheon, David Ross, Assistant Administrator for Water, said “It’s not a 90-day comment period, it’s a 90-day commitment period”. He is looking for the relevant water stakeholders to commit to take on the lead on one or more of the action items in the Draft Plan and make a commitment that includes a deadline. He also said “It’s not an EPA plan of a federal plan, it’s a water sector plan”.

Two actions explicitly mention states. The first is Action 2.2.1-Compile State Policies and Approaches to Implement Water Reuse Programs. The second is Action 2.2.2-Enhance State Collaboration on Water Reuse.