ASDWA Releases Guide on State Management Options for Building Water Systems

Today, ASDWA released a document to assist state water programs in regulating building water systems. Increased concern and awareness of Legionella in buildings as well as a 2017 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services memo on reducing Legionella risk in healthcare facilities are drivers of an increased focus on Legionella in building water plumbing and, in some cases, supplemental disinfection in buildings. The guide provides a review of federal rules and agency guidance on Legionella control, discussion on important defining topics like what constitutes treatment and when a building becomes a public water system, and outlines nuanced flexibilities in regulations drawing from EPA water supply guidances.

Because every state has a unique set of circumstances, including state-specific statutory and/or regulatory requirements or limitations, no single approach to Legionella control can be applied to all. The document shares a sample of case studies from states in varying regulatory, political, and resource realities, with the intention of showcasing a menu of options for states who are looking for guidance they can consider for implementation.

For access to the full document, please visit: