Connecticut PFAS Task Force Submits Final Action Plan to Governor

On November 4th, the Connecticut PFAS Task Force submitted its Final Action Plan to Governor Ned Lamont. The Governor established the PFAS Task Force in July 2019, which is led by the Department of Public Health and Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and includes representatives from many other state agencies. The PFAS Task Force’s Final Action Plan includes input from stakeholders and provides recommendations to address PFAS compounds throughout the state. The recommendations include:

  • Minimize Connecticut residents’ PFAS exposure by testing drinking water for PFAS and considering other exposure pathways;
  • Establish a Safe Drinking Water Advisory Council to make recommendations for developing PFAS drinking water regulations;
  • Minimize future releases of PFAS to the environment from firefighting foam and other significant sources;
  • Identify, assess, and clean up historical releases of PFAS to the environment;
  • Enhance education, outreach, and communication on PFAS; and
  • Develop potential legislation to establish an AFFF take-back program, ban firefighting training with AFFF, require bottled water testing, and require manufacturers to disclose PFAS content.

For more information, read the Governor’s press release and Final Action Plan.