River Network Drinking Water Guide Provides a Resource for Advocates

River Network published a “Drinking Water Guide: A Resource for Advocates,” earlier this year with support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. The guide serves as a resource for educating, training, and supporting citizens and environmental and community leaders to engage in drinking water protection and sustainability at the local, state, or national levels. It provides in-depth information and resources, and answers to questions such as:

  • Where does drinking water come from and how can we protect it?
  • How do we ensure water is safe to drink?
  • How is the cost of drinking water calculated and what do water bills pay for?
  • How will climate change affect our water and what can we do about it?
  • How can we support community advocacy and engagement on drinking water issues?

Read the script from a recent interview with Katherine Baer of River Network about the guide on speeding up drinking water protection, and download and read the guide here.