ASDWA and ACWA Submit Comments on EPA’s Water Reuse Action Plan

On Monday, ASDWA and the Association of Clean Water Agencies (ACWA) submitted joint comments to EPA on their Water Reuse Action Plan (WRAP). The comments to the docket come after months of collaboration between ASDWA and ACWA on water reuse issues. The two associations held a State Regulator Summit at the WateReuse Symposium in September and previously submitted comments to EPA on the WRAP.Image result for water recycling

The latest comments submitted to EPA highlight the actions identified in the WRAP that state water programs are interested in partnering on or leading through ASDWA and ACWA, such as compiling state policies and approaches to implementing water reuse programs, enhancing state collaboration to support water reuse, and compiling existing fit-for-purpose specifications. The comments also urge EPA to keep public health protection at the forefront of any proposed actions and commit federal resources to carry the action plan forward through implementation.