EPA Releases National Water Reuse Action Plan: Collaborative Implementation (Version 1)

On Thursday, February 27th, EPA and other partners announced the release of the National Water Reuse Action Plan: Collaborative Implementation (Version 1). The Water Reuse Action Plan (WRAP – v1) identifies action leaders, partners, implementation milestones, and target completion dates for 37 actions across 11 strategic themes. These actions represent initial momentum and serve as a catalyst for additional partnerships and subsequent actions to strengthen and diversify the Nation’s water resources.

Information for the actions included in Action Plan (v1) is available in two forms:

  • Printed Publication: A print version that profiles actions with committed leaders and summary-level information about each action implementation plan.
  • WRAP Online Platform: A web-based repository that includes all actions (developed and undeveloped) and full action implementation plan text, where applicable.

The WRAP Online Platform will undergo routine updates on each action’s progress and serve a variety of functions, including to communicate ongoing activity and create accountability for action progress.

Several of ASDWA’s members participated in the development of the WRAP. ASDWA (along with ACWA) intends to be one of the actions leaders for two specific actions in the WRAP where states’ knowledge and experience is critical for implementation:

  1. Action 2.2.1-Compile Existing State Policies and Approaches to Water Reuse
  2. Action 2.2.2-Enhance State Collaboration on Water Reuse