RCAP Holds Regional Collaboration Summit and Releases New Research Report

On March 11, the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) held a Regional Collaboration Summit and announced the release of their new research report.

  • The Regional Collaboration Summit was held in State College, Pennsylvania with over 70 participants from the different RCAP programs across the country, water systems from around the State of Pennsylvania, consulting companies, and water associations including ASDWA. During the summit, speakers and panelists provided information about their involvement working with water systems on various types of regional collaboration, from sharing equipment to consolidation. Group discussions focused on impediments and solutions to mitigate impediments to regional collaboration. It was very interesting to hear stories about these collaborations that are sometimes taking many years (in one case over 30 years) to complete.
  • RCAP’s new research report is entitled, “Resiliency Through Water and Wastewater System Partnerships: 10 Lessons from Community Leaders.” This research highlights the challenges and successes of rural and tribal water and wastewater systems with different types of partnerships. The ten lessons span from building a partnership to continuing through the process for building and sustaining financial, technical, and managerial capacity.

 For more information, visit the RCAP website.