EPA Science Advisory Board Hosts Call Discussing LCRR

Earlier this week the Science Advisory Board (SAB) held a call with EPA discussing the Proposed Lead and Copper Rule Revisions. The call included an overview and background of the proposed rule given by Eric Burneson with the Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water, public comment from Earthjustice and the Institute for Policy Integrity at New York University School of Law, and the vote to determine whether the SAB should review the scientific and technical basis of the proposed rule.

Although not unanimous, the SAB ultimately voted to review the proposed rule. Some of the most discussed topics included:

  • Concerns on the additional nutrients added through orthophosphate,
  • Rationale behind the 3% value for the annual lead service line replacement for community water systems serving > 10,000 people                           if the 90th percentile is > 15 ppb,
  • Concerns on the effectiveness of point-of-use  devices,
  • Concerns on communication with the public and community confusion on what levels of lead represent concern.

For the call agenda, presentation slides, and background documents click here.