ITRC Publishes PFAS Technical and Regulatory Guidance and Resources

This Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) has published its online PFAS Technical and Regulatory Guidance document, updated PFAS fact sheets and explainer videos, training module videos, and external tables of data and information prepared by the ITRC PFAS Team. The ITRC PFAS Team is comprised of over 500 environmental and public health professionals from federal, state, and local government, public and tribal stakeholder groups, private industry, and academia.

The new online Technical and Regulatory Guidance document is intended to to support state, federal, and other decision makers by providing a summary of information about the current state of PFAS science and practice. Section topics include: PFAS naming conventions, chemistry, use, properties, health effects, site characterization, sampling, treatment, and more. The online document provides internal links to interrelated topics and references and external links to view the associated ITRC PFAS Training Module videos on Youtube. ITRC plans to periodically update the document with significant new PFAS information and regulatory approaches when available.

ITRC has also updated its PFAS fact sheets that summarize the latest science and emerging technologies for PFAS and developed a series of explainer videos that provide an overview of the fact sheet topics. View the PFAS fact sheets and explainer videos here. For more information, view the ITRC announcement and visit the ITRC PFAS website.