ASDWA Releases Summary of Survey of States’ Challenges with Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic presented multiple preparedness and response challenges to state and territorial primacy agencies. In order to develop an understanding of the potential impacts to state and territorial drinking water programs, ASDWA surveyed its members in April to assess how their Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) implementation processes may be changing, and how ASDWA could potentially use the survey results in in its ongoing dialogue with EPA on going COVID-19 preparedness and response issue. The survey questions were organized in the following categories:

  • Business Designation;
  • Compliance Monitoring;
  • Lab Capacity;
  • Operators; and
  • Inspections.

ASDWA received responses from 25 states, representing 9 of the 10 EPA regions. The summary results can be found below.

COVID Survey Public Edition