EPA Makes the Final Decision to Not Regulate Perchlorate

Today (6/18), EPA released the pre-publication version of the Federal Register notice for its final negative regulatory determination for perchlorate. This final action comes after considering the best available science and the proactive steps that EPA, states and public water systems have taken to reduce perchlorate levels, the Agency has determined that perchlorate does not meet the criteria for regulation as a drinking water contaminant under the SDWA. Therefore, EPA is withdrawing the 2011 regulatory determination and is making a final determination to not issue a national regulation for perchlorate at this time. This action should be published in the Federal Register in the near future.

EPA also performed a new health impact analysis based on recommendations from the Science Advisory Board. The new analysis shows that the concentrations at which perchlorate may present a public health concern are higher than the concentrations considered in the 2011 regulatory determination.