Congressional Press Conference on Managing PFAS as a Chemical Class

On June 30, Congressman Dan Kildee (MI), Chief Deputy Whip of the House Democratic Caucus and co-chair of the bipartisan Congressional PFAS Task Force, held a virtual press conference along with authors of the new peer-reviewed article entitled, “Scientific Basis for Managing PFAS as a Chemical Class.” The speakers included: Congressman Kildee; Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). Detlef Knappe, a professor with the North Carolina State University; Linda Birnbaum, the retired National Institute of Environmental Sciences Director; and Tom Bruton, a Senior Scientist with the Green Science Policy Institute.

During the at the press conference, speakers shared information about PFAS and its impacts on human health and the environment, and the need to manage and avoid the use of all PFAS as a class. Congressman Kildee and Senator Blumenthal also discussed PFAS Task Force efforts on a new 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to require EPA to set drinking water standards and Clean Water Act water quality standards for PFOA and PFOS within two years; list PFAS as a hazardous substance under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA, Superfund); and provide funding for Department of Defense (DoD) to clean up active and abandoned PFAS contaminated military sites. The PFAS Task Force also wants the military to be able to sue manufacturers for PFAS contamination and eliminate DoD purchases of PFAS products, including food packaging, textiles, and cosmetics. In addition, Senator Blumenthal spoke about PFAS human immune system impacts that can potentially increase vulnerability to COVID-19. For more information, read the scientific paper and the related press release by the Green Science Policy Institute (GSPI), and view the recording of the Zoom press conference.