California Water Boards Announce $130M Funding Plan for Drinking Water

Yesterday (July 7th), the California State Water Resources Control Board announced a 10-year commitment to provide vulnerable California communities safe and affordable drinking water through the approved 2020-21 Fund Expenditure Plan that prioritizes up to $130 million to numerous projects over the next 12 months.

These funds will address community and school water systems that are out of compliance with health standards, assist disadvantaged communities throughout the state that lack access to safe drinking water, tackle contaminated private wells and state small water systems, and accelerate consolidations for water systems that are at-risk of failing to provide safe drinking water and out of compliance for contaminants and other water quality issues.

The State Water Board is preparing a comprehensive needs analysis and establishing project priorities. The Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund was established as part of Senate Bill 200, signed into law in July 2019. The fund provides up to $130 million per year to assist struggling water systems sustainably and affordably provide safe drinking water to their customers. On May 5, the Board adopted a Policy that guides how this fund is administered. For more information click here.