EPA Developing Emergency COVID-19 Impact Survey

EPA is in the process of developing an emergency survey to better understand the current and potential future operational and economic challenges drinking and wastewater systems are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The intent of the survey is to gauge whether water utilities have sufficient resources to continue operations through the pandemic, and also to collect information needed to facilitate planning for potential rapid response. Respondents will consist of community water systems and publicly owned treatment works of all sizes. EPA has drawn a statistically representative sample of approximately 4,650 systems to participate in the survey. The online survey will include questions on workforce, supply chain, financial, and analytical impacts. More information on these topics will be given prior to the survey’s release.

EPA intends to lead the survey efforts, which include: drawing the sample, sending the survey to the systems, responding to the requests for technical assistance, and processing the data. Additionally, EPA is developing a factsheet and responses to frequently asked questions. The survey is expected to be released in early September, giving participants approximately two weeks to respond. Additional information on the survey will be forthcoming. If you have questions, please email EPA at COVID-19@epa.gov.