EPA Begins Administering Voluntary COVID-19 Water Sector Survey

To support continued water sector resiliency, EPA is conducting a voluntary survey to better understand how drinking water and wastewater utilities across the country have been affected—operationally and financially—by COVID-19.The survey has been released to a pre-identified, statistically representative sample of drinking water and wastewater systems. The 2020 COVID-19 Water Sector Survey will help identify and evaluate certain impacts to water utilities stemming from operational and financial challenges.

This voluntary survey will facilitate the collection of useful information in a uniform format to guide the development of technical assistance, which could help sustain water utility operations and supports planning for the future. 

After the survey’s release on October 1st, participants in the pre-identified sample will have two weeks to respond. EPA will be available to provide technical assistance to water and wastewater systems with completing the survey and answering questions. Information collected in the survey will be anonymized prior to any public release.

For more information on the voluntary survey, click here.