New Jersey Files Two New PFAS Lawsuits for Chemical Company Contamination

On November 10, the New Jersey Attorney General and the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) filed two new lawsuits against chemical companies for PFAS contamination to recover Natural Resource Damages (NRDs). The lawsuits are the latest NRD complaints filed since 2018, with three other cases that are pending, as well as additional voluntary settlements, that have recovered millions of dollars to compensate the people of New Jersey for their losses, to be reinvested into the affected communities and resources.

One lawsuit is against Solvay Specialty Polymers and Arkema for PFAS drinking water contamination from a Gloucester County facility. The “complaint seeks to compel Solvay to promptly and thoroughly investigate and remediate the extent of its pollution, protect drinking water sources, and restore natural resources damaged by the hazardous substances (including PFAS, VOCs, and PCBs) that Solvay continues to release into the state’s environment, including into our air, surface water, and groundwater, and to publicly disclose information regarding the health and environmental impacts of its operations.”

The other lawsuit against Honeywell seeks to restore NRDs along the Hudson River in Bergen County. Honeywell is the survivor corporation to various predecessor companies that are accountable for discharges of contaminants into the ground and water at and near the Quanta Resources Superfund Site. The “complaint seeks the award of clean-up costs to the State and compensation for NRDs resulting from decades of coal tar processing…manufacture of paving and roofing materials, and…waste oil storage and recycling that were halted in 1981.”

For more information, read the New Jersey news release here.