ECOS Updates White Paper for Setting State PFAS Standards

The Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) has updated its “ECOS White Paper: Processes and Considerations for Setting State PFAS Standards.” The white paper includes an overview of how states are setting PFAS guidelines and three sections on: legislative considerations; risk assessments for toxicity and exposure; and risk management measures with analytical methods and cost issues. The six appendices provide tables with state PFAS guideline criteria for drinking water, groundwater, surface water, soils, air, and fish and wildlife consumption. Updates to the white paper consist of revisions to federal actions and analytical methods, state guidelines that have been established or edited since the February 2020 publication, the addition of the fish and wildlife consumption appendix, and information for six more states. ECOS is also compiling a new spreadsheet on its web page under the PFAS Monitoring subheading with information about which PFAS compounds each state is currently sampling for. If you would like to add your state information or have questions, please contact Sarah Grace Longsworth of ECOS at For more information and to download the white paper, visit the ECOS website.