EPA to Update TSCA New Chemicals Program to Ensure Human Health and Environmental Protections

On March 29, EPA issued a news release that the Agency is making updates to its Toxic Substances and Control Act (TSCA) new chemicals program to ensure human health and environmental protections. This includes conducting an evaluation of its policies, guidance, templates, and regulations to align the approach for making determinations and managing new chemical risks with requirements for significant new use rules (SNURs) and assumptions related to worker exposures.

For SNURs, EPA will stop issuing determinations of “not likely to present an unreasonable risk” and will instead issue orders to address those potential risks when a new chemical review leads to a conclusion that one or more uses may present an unreasonable risk, or when EPA lacks the information needed to make a safety finding. EPA will share updates with stakeholders and the public as it moves forward with any TSCA changes. For more information, view the news release and visit EPA’s TSCA New Chemicals Program website.