EPA Announces TSCA Policy Changes on Low Volume Exemptions for New PFAS

EPA has announced new TSCA policy changes for reviewing and managing low volume exemptions (LVEs) for new PFAS. These changes will help prevent unsafe new PFAS from entering the market and protect public health and the environment from potentially harmful impacts. In its announcement, EPA notes that “it is challenging to conduct an appropriately robust review of LVE requests for PFAS in the 30 days the regulations allow…While EPA will consider each LVE application individually, the agency generally expects that pending and new LVE submissions for PFAS would be denied,” based on the complexity of PFAS chemistry, potential health effects, and their longevity and persistence in the environment. EPA is also considering opportunities to work with companies to voluntarily withdraw previously granted LVEs. This action is among others announced previously to address needed TSCA policy changes for pre-manufacturing and significant new use notices, including those for PFAS. For more information, visit the EPA website and read the press release here.