EPA Plans to Update Toxics Release Inventory for Environmental Justice

EPA has announced its plan to update the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) to advance Environmental Justice, improve transparency, and increase access to environmental information. TRI is a resource for learning about annual chemical releases, waste management, and pollution prevention activities reported by nearly 22,000 industrial and federal facilities. This new plan will expand the TRI program to protect the health and safety of underserved communities by:

  • Expanding TRI facilities to include certain contract sterilizers using ethylene oxide (EtO)
  • Adding TRI reporting for natural gas processing facilities, additional PFAS, and for TSCA workplan and high-priority chemicals
  • Enhancing TRI search tools to include demographic profiles for communities, additional languages, and pollution prevention (P2) information about industry efforts to reduce their use and releases of toxic chemicals.

Read the press release here. For more information about TRI, visit EPA’s TRI website and the TRI for communities website.