EPA Announces Winners of Innovative Ways to Destroy PFAS in AFFF Challenge

On May 13, EPA, DoD, and state agency partners from the ECOS Environmental Research Institute of the States, Michigan, and Colorado announced the winners of the “Innovative Ways to Destroy PFAS Challenge.” This challenge is focused on identifying ways to destroy PFAS in concentrated aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) because of its high concentration of PFAS and widespread use to fight fires. The challenge sought detailed plans for non-thermal technologies that showed the potential to destroy at least 99 percent of PFAS in unused AFFF – without creating harmful byproducts and using temperatures significantly lower than temperatures required for incineration. The first place and two second place challenge winners will now have the opportunity to submit their winning design concepts to DoD’s SERDP/ESTCP programs for further testing. For more information, read the press release here.