EPA Delays LCRR Effective Date and Compliance Date

In a Federal Register notice published today (6/16), EPA has delayed the effective date of the final Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) originally published on January 15, 2021, at 86 FR 4198, and then delayed in a rule published March 12, 2021, at 86 FR 14003. The effective date of this rule is delayed until December 16, 2021. Additionally, the compliance date for the final rule is delayed until October 16, 2024. Extending the compliance deadline ensures states have the full three years provided by the Safe Drinking Water Act to adopt laws and regulations to obtain primacy for the rule and so water systems have adequate time to take any necessary actions to meet the compliance deadlines in the rule.

EPA explained that the further delay is needed to allow the agency adequate time to conduct a thorough review of the LCRR requirements and to assess whether the regulatory changes are needed. This action allows the agency to continue conducting virtual engagements to gather additional input from communities, national water associations, Tribes and Tribal communities, and EPA’s state co-regulators.