Maine Passes New Law to Prohibit and Govern the Sale of PFAS Products

The State of Maine has signed into law a new bill entitled, “An Act to Stop Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Pollution.” The law includes new manufacturer notification requirements, prohibitions on the sale and distribution of new PFAS products, and also adds provisions for developing a new state PFAS source reduction program.

Beginning January 1, 2023, manufacturers of products that contain PFAS must provide detailed information about PFAS containing products as well as updates and revisions when there are significant changes; and are prohibited from selling or distributing carpets, rugs, and fabric treatment that contain intentionally added PFAS. Beginning January 1, 2030, it will become unlawful to sell or distribute any product in Maine that contains intentionally added PFAS. There are a few exemptions to the law such as for the sale or resale of used products, and if the use of PFAS is determined to be “currently unavoidable.”

Section 9 of the law calls for the development and implementation of a state PFAS source reduction program to address discharges to air, water, and land by encouraging the use of safer alternatives and the proper management of PFAS containing materials. Dependent on available funding, the new program may include: resources for industrial or commercial PFAS users; public education; grants for wastewater pretreatment; grants to municipalities for educating solid waste disposal users; and more.

For more information, read the bill here.