Don’t Forget to Register for the 18th Annual EPA Drinking Water Workshop

Don’t forget to register for the 18th Annual EPA Drinking Water Workshop: Small System Challenges and Solutions. This year’s Workshop will take place virtually next week on August 30th through September 2nd and will provide in-depth information and training on solutions and strategies for handling small drinking water system challenges with a focus on monitoring, distribution, source, and treatment topics. To register, click here.

The technical sessions of the workshop will include the following topics:

  • pathogens,
  • PFAS,
  • corrosion and lead,
  • source water quality and quantity,
  • disinfectants and disinfection byproducts,
  • equity,
  • resiliency and emergency response,
  • contaminant removal, monitoring,
  • risk communication,
  • implementing innovative treatments,
  • distribution system best practices,
  • and system oversight.

In-depth training options will include:

  • corrosion,
  • modeling with EPANET,
  • sanitary surveys,
  • and managing legacy manganese in distribution systems.