EPIC Seeks Proposals to Develop Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Template

The Environmental Policy Innovation Center (EPIC) is seeking proposals to develop a template that conveys complex drinking water contaminants information through readable, understandable, and clear consumer confidence reports (CCR). All community water systems across the U.S. are required to prepare and distribute a brief annual water quality report (CCR) summarizing information regarding source water, detected contaminants, compliance, and educational information. Among other concerns, CCRs are often criticized as too technical for average readers and therefore ineffective at communicating risk and safety information to the public. In 2020, EPIC launched the Water Data Prize and awarded top prizes to innovative design ideas for CCRs that centered on the interests of the customers. Highlights from top submissions were captured in this report.

With EPA planning to revise the CCR Rule, EPIC expects a template approach to developing CCRs will address some of the ongoing challenges, while also providing a needed shared resource to smaller systems.

You can download the Request for Quotes CCR template to learn more. The deadline for applications is November 15th, 2021.