Register for Webinar on Interactions Between Water Systems & Public Health Agencies

Members of the Water and Health Infrastructure, Resilience and Learning (WHIRL) project will present on their work analyzing the relationship between water systems and public health agencies. More information on the National Science Foundation-funded project is available here: WHIRL website.

Webinar Title: Interdependencies Between Drinking Water Systems & Public Health is More Than an Ideal

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 17, 2021, from 4-5 pm eastern


Webinar Description: State primacy agencies are responsible for safeguarding the health and safety of the nation’s diverse public water systems. This critical role requires the difficult challenge of administering policies that bridge across disciplines and political jurisdictions. Understanding how drinking water operators and engineers interact with public health agents is central to effective policy and ensuring public health. With this aim, the Water and Health Infrastructure, Resilience and Learning (WHIRL) study used multiple techniques to assess the frequency and types of interactions between drinking water and public health systems. During this presentation, WHIRL will present findings from surveys of state drinking water administrators and public water system operators. These results will include discussions of how and when information is shared between agencies and water systems, perspectives on learning that stems from non-routine medium scale events that affect public health, and how interactions with critical infrastructure sectors (e.g., water, health and communication) changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recommendations will be provided to improve inter-organizational coordination and capacity for action that can lead to better water and public health system resilience.