ASDWA Provides States’ Perspective at US Conference of Mayors’ Winter Meeting

On Wednesday, 1/19, ASDWA’s Executive Director, Alan Roberson, was on a panel, “Federal Financial Assistance Program Funding in the IIJA,” at the US Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting, along with Bruno Pigott, EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Water, and Julia Anastasio, ACWA’s Executive Director. The meeting started off with a mayors’ roundtable, each telling a short story about the water issues in their cities, ranging from failing storm sewers to combined sewer overflows to water reuse to salt water intrusion from sea level rise. From the drinking water perspective, the IIJA funding over the next five years is larger than the combined total of the 25 years of capitalization grants for the Drinking Water State Revolving Loand Fund (DWSRF). Replacing lead service lines is the one of the Administration’s priorities with this funding, and lead service line inventories are the first step (and not a simple step) in replacing these lines. The mayors asked questions about timely access to the funds and what steps are necessary to get their infrastructure projects on states’ Intended Use Plans (IUPs).

PFAS problems were also discussed, as just about every states has at least one problematic site. Cybersecurity in the water sector was also discussed, as hacks and attacks on water and wastewater systems are increasing. The cybersecurity issue is complex issue and does not have a clear solution.