Columbia Water Center Hosting Webinar on the Patterns in Onsite and Distributed Water Reuse Systems

The Columbia Water Center is hosting a webinar about its research on the patterns in onsite and distributed water reuse systems in the US. The research includes the largest compilation of system-level information to date as part of Water Research Foundation Project #5040. There are 3 opportunities to participate in the webinar:

  • Tuesday, February 8 at 2 PM EST
  • Wednesday, February 9 at 5 PM EST
  • Thursday, February 10 at 10 AM EST

Each webinar is the same, i.e., you can participate in any one of the three, and will include a brief presentation of the findings, future plans for developing a case study compendium, followed by focused small-group conversations to inform the user interface for accessing the information that has been compiled. Register for any of the webinars here.