USGS Publishes New PFAS Strategic Vision Document and Integrated Science Website

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has just released its 2022 PFAS Strategic Vision entitled, “Integrated Science for the Study of PFAS in the Environment.” The new document identifies science gaps and opportunities for PFAS monitoring, assessment, and research activities including sampling protocols and analytical methods, environmental sources and source apportionment, environmental occurrence, environmental fate and transport, human and wildlife exposure routes, bioaccumulation and biomagnification, and ecotoxicology, that are tied to USGS capabilities and expertise.

Visit the USGS PFAS Integrated Science Team website to read their publications and learn more about their efforts to develop advanced methods to examine and analyze PFAS in water, plasma, sediment, tissues, and passive samplers; to plan national scale reconnaissance studies to examine and analyze PFAS transmission in drinking water and fish tissues near known sources; and to study PFAS transport, exposure, and biological effects along a “source to receptor” pathway in ecosystems/watersheds/aquifers.