EPA Releases Updated Publication on Agency’s Legal Tools to Advance Environmental Justice

On May 26, EPA released an updated publication titled, “EPA Legal Tools to Advance Environmental Justice,” otherwise known as EJ Legal Tools. The document builds on “Plan EJ 2014: Legal Tools,” which was released in 2011. EJ Legal Tools provides an updated and expanded compilation of legal authorities available to the Agency for identifying and addressing the disproportionate impact of pollution on underserved and overburdened communities, including communities of color, Indigenous people, and low-income communities. The updated publication is meant to help EPA and partners understand the authorities available to them to consider and address environmental justice and equity.

EPA emphasizes that “EJ Legal Tools is not intended to be comprehensive and will be updated as needed. The document does not provide action-specific legal advice and is intended to foster a dialogue among EPA offices and programs to accelerate EPA efforts to advance environmental justice and equity.”