Highlights from the 20th Annual Drinking Water Workshop

The 20th Annual Drinking Water Workshop, held this week in partnership between EPA and ASDWA, was a resounding success! The workshop brought together 471 attendees representing diverse roles across the water sector to participate in crucial discussions on drinking water policy, regulations, implementation concerns, and research initiatives. This year’s workshop saw 138 state officials from 47 state and territorial health, environmental, and financing agencies. Additionally, 17 utilities, 21 Non-Profits, 10 federal agencies, 27 universities, 29 consulting groups, and 23 private companies helped to further enrich the discussions.

ASDWA was able to provide travel scholarships for 23 members to attend the workshop and recruited 15 members to give presentations and lead breakout discussions on topics such as capacity development, emerging contaminants, lead and corrosion, risk communication, and more. These sessions provided valuable insights and fostered collaboration among attendees that we hope will lead to further collaboration between states and EPA as co-regulators.

Special thanks to ASDWA’s Member Yolanda Barney from Navajo Nation EPA for giving opening remarks, as well as Bruno Pigott, Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for EPA-OW, and Chris Frey, Assistant Administrator for EPA-ORD for their contributions. The planning team, presenters, and facilitators also played pivotal roles in the workshop’s success.

The 20th Annual Drinking Water Workshop was a significant milestone, showcasing the sustained and collective commitment to safe and accessible drinking water for small water systems across the country. We eagerly anticipate the 21st workshop and the continued progress it will bring to our community. Thank you to all who contributed, and we hope to see you again next year!