American Business Water Coalition Releases Results of Water Infrastructure Funding Survey

The American Business Water Coalition (ABWC), a group of water-reliant businesses in fields such as manufacturing and tech, released the results of a survey that sought to gauge public opinions about water reliability and current funding levels. The survey found that eight in ten Americans are more likely to support candidates who support increasing funding for clean and reliable drinking water. Additionally, nearly 40 percent of Americans surveyed rate the condition of the nation’s drinking water infrastructure as low quality or very low quality. Furthermore, ABWC reported that 66 percent believe water infrastructure is underfunded or dramatically underfunded by the federal government. Finally, the survey determined that 45 percent of American voters believe that federal funding should be used to close the water infrastructure gap rather than alternative methods such as increased water rates and higher taxes. The U.S. Water Infrastructure Funding and Business Risks Survey was conducted independently by ABWC and is based on a nationally representative sample of 585 adults, age 18 or older.