EPA Allocates State and Tribal Grants for UIC Class VI Carbon Sequestration Programs

EPA has announced $48 million in grant allocations for states and tribes to develop and implement Underground Injection Control (UIC) Class VI programs. Class VI UIC wells are used for carbon sequestration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure the protection of groundwater resources. This funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will allot $1,930,000 for Class VI programs in each of the 25 states and tribes that submitted letters of intent to EPA.

EPA is supporting the state, tribal, and territory efforts to obtain primary responsibility (primacy) for implementing and enforcing their UIC Class VI program under the Safe Drinking Water Act. As a condition of receiving funding, they must demonstrate how environmental justice and equity considerations will be incorporated into their UIC Class VI primacy programs. Each state or tribe may apply for grant funding for project periods of up to five years. There is no non-federal cost share requirement. EPA intends to award all available appropriated funds in a one-time distribution through this process. Programs interested in receiving awards in federal fiscal year 2024 should work with their respective EPA Regions to ensure that complete applications are submitted by the applicable EPA Regional deadlines.

For information about the grant program, visit the EPA website.