Register for EPA’s Webinar on Managed Aquifer Recharge


Register now for EPA ORD’s research webinar on Managed Aquifer Recharge on November 29th at 2:00 PM ET.

Enhanced Aquifer Recharge (EAR) is one potential means to capture water, such as stormwater, wastewater, etc., and use the captured water to increase groundwater supply. In 2021, EPA researchers began an EAR study to address several of the research gaps previously identified. The goals of this research are to understand the fate and transport of contaminants and the potential impacts to water quality EAR could have. This study will demonstrate the types of characterization and monitoring that will be needed for successful EAR implementation and operation.

This presentation will present techniques, difficulties, and challenges of monitoring stormwater movement following infiltration in a karst aquifer system. Understanding of how water is moving and the monitoring needs is crucial to the understanding of potential impacts to groundwater quality and protection of groundwater.

Learn more about the webinar and webinar series here.