EPA Releases Updated Interim Guidance on PFAS Destruction and Disposal

On April 9, EPA released an updated, “Interim Guidance on the Destruction and Disposal of PFAS and Materials Containing PFAS.” The interim guidance provides recommendations for managers of PFAS and PFAS-containing materials that are not consumer products, to protect human health and the environment. This updated version retains the 2020 guidance’s focus on three existing technologies: underground injection, landfills, and thermal treatment under certain conditions. Changes to this version include:

  • A new technology evaluation framework to help assess emerging innovative destruction and disposal (D&D) methods and validate whether existing and new technologies may be suitable for larger-scale use.
  • Information about new EPA test method OTM-50 and improved screening tools, methods, and approaches for considering the impacts of potential releases and exposure on communities located near D&D facilities.
  • Identification of key data gaps and uncertainties that ongoing research is working on to achieve efficient destruction of PFAS and minimize environmental PFAS releases.

The updated guidance is expected to help government officials and private industry make more informed decisions on PFAS D&D technologies and aid implementation of forthcoming PFAS rules.

For more information, visit EPA’s website. Comments are due to EPA 180 days after the Federal Register notice is published. Comments can be submitted to the public docket at Regulations.gov, Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OLEM-2020-0527.

See ASDWA’s previous article here about our comments on the 2020 version of the Interim Guidance.