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SDWIS Best Practices Webinar: CMDP Experiences

Original broadcast: April 23, 2019

Slide Decks and Supporting Materials:

  • SCS CMDP Registration Guide for Lab – This outlines the registration process for the Production version of CMDP. States would need to replace the screenshots for some of them but it’s a helpful outline of how to register and we also recently just added instructions for CMDP Lab Administrators for how to Sponsor other people at their labs to make the sign up process easier for them.
  • SCS CMDP Registration Guide for Lab – Same idea as the previous document but for the Test CMDP so the links are different and it includes some suggestions on training materials for the labs to review. This one is not currently posted to our website but we do send it to new labs who will be directly reporting to us and need to complete their testing first.
  • Sample Validation & Submission Process (Web Entry) – This document outlines what labs should be looking for to confirm their data submission is error free. We discuss reviewing the Validation Tab, what to do if they find an issue, and what to do if they have a sample rejected by the State. Part 4 in particular is very state specific so everyone will need to be sure to review that/make edits as needed.
  • Sample Validation & Submission Process (Excel) – Same idea as the Web Entry version but for Excel.
  • Alaska CMDP Guidance Docs – Editable Versions (ZIP)
  • Alaska’s Sample Validation Tool – please contact Maria Ridgway of AK [] to request the tool.