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All Things SDWIS: August 2019

Original Broadcast: August 22, 2019
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  • Welcome (Hosts:  Towana Dorsey, EPA and Anthony DeRosa, ASDWA)
  • DMUC Follow Up & Intro Notes – Michael Plastino, EPA
    • Feedback and action items shared on 8/19
    • SDWIS State 3.4
    • CMDP
    • SDWIS Prime Path Forward Next Steps
  • How to find documents on the ASDWA site – Anthony DeRosa, ASDWA
  • SDWIS Prime – Tina Chen, EPA and Justin Wright, EPA
    • SDWIS Modernization Interviews
    • Pre-Production Access Updates
  • SDWIS State 3.4 development and roll out plans – Justin Wright, EPA and Renee Morris, EPA
  • CMDP – Deric Teasley, EPA
    • Draft Strategy for August ’19 through January ‘20
    • Demo(s) of CMDP CY19R3 and CY19R4 Improvements