How Water and Emergency Services Sectors Can Coordinate for Security

EPA’s Water Security Division has posted a new document on the benefits of coordination between the Water Sector and Emergency Services Sector at the local level entitled, “Coordination of the Water and Emergency Services Sectors: An Important Step to Better Response.”  The document describes the benefits to the community that can result from a coordinated response between the two sectors.  It also provides examples on how to improve coordination between water utilities and local emergency management agencies. The document contains a useful checklist of actions that utilities can take to improve their coordination with local emergency management agencies.  Utilities can fill in the last page of the document that includes their contact information as well as a quick recap of why water is important to emergency services.

You can download the 8 page document at:  Please distribute the link to you water utilities and encourage them to reach out to their emergency management agencies.  If you have questions about this document, please contact John Whitler at