USGS Seeking Comment on Science Strategy Plans

The USGS needs you to help shape their future by reviewing their draft Science Strategy plans. They currently are holding a public comment period and need your input before August 1, 2012. The USGS is poised to address some of the most significant issues society faces. To advance the actions they can take in the next decade, they’re creating strategies specific to their major areas of research, one of which is water. They need your input on the drafts of these strategies.

Please visit to offer your comments. They are interested in your insights on the focus and scope of these strategies, as opposed to writing, editing, and other editorial suggestions. As you might know, USGS has held numerous listening sessions throughout the country and have solicited input from partners, stakeholders, and the public in the process of creating these drafts. The strategic direction of their science is only valuable, however, if it is serving the needs of and informed by perspectives of organizations such as ours. Please review these drafts and consider commenting. If you have questions, please contact Karen Wood at or 703-648-4447.