WaterSense 2011 Annual Accomplishments Announced

WaterSense, an EPA partnership program that helps Americans protect the nation’s water supply by offering people simple ways to save water, is announcing its 2011 program accomplishments. Since the program’s inception in 2006, WaterSense-labeled products have helped Americans save $4.7 billion in water and energy bills and 287 billion gallons of water. That amount of water could supply all the homes in Georgia or Arizona for a year.

WaterSense-labeled products have also saved 38.4 billion kilowatt hours of electricity since 2006 by reducing the amount of energy needed to heat, pump, and treat water. That’s the equivalent amount of electricity needed to power more than 3.6 million homes for a year. With this energy savings, WaterSense has helped eliminate 13 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions—the equivalent of planting nearly 350 million trees.

WaterSense owes this success to the more than 2,600 utility, government, nonprofit, manufacturer, retail, distributor, builder and irrigation partners who joined with EPA to help promote the WaterSense label and spread the word about the importance of water efficiency. To see the 2011 WaterSense program accomplishments report, visit: http://www.epa.gov/watersense/about_us/milestones.html.