Partnership for Safe Water Newsletter

A copy of the latest newsletter from the Partnership for Safe Water was included as an attachment to last week’s Weekly Update but a specific reference was omitted.  As a result, many of you may have missed the new information provided by their newsletter.  This edition of the Partnership’s publication includes a message form Barb Martin, the new manager for the Partnership, who takes over after Bill Lauer’s retirement last year.  A number of articles cover the systems recognized by the Partnership in the U.S. and by the corresponding organization in Canada.  There is also a description of the new President’s award category that recognizes those systems meeting individual filter turbidity goals.  The “Tech tip” for this issue is about measuring low level turbidity grab samples.  There are highlights of AWWA’s newly redesigned web site, which includes new pages for the partnership.  Finally, the issue also includes a handy reference to upcoming AWWA technical events and webinars.

Partnership for Safe Water News 12-12