CCR Electronic Distribution Webinar Encore Presentation

If you (or your water systems) missed the original webinar on how to think about/take advantage of the flexibilities being offered with the new electronic distribution options for the Consumer Confidence Report, EPA is offering an “encore” presentation in early March.  Please share this invitation with your water systems, drinking water program colleagues, Technical Assistance providers, and others who may not yet have heard about this new delivery option or may not be sure as to how it would apply for them.

DATE:     March 7

TIME:      2:00-4:00PM (eastern)


The objective of this webinar is to explain the CCR electronic delivery framework outlined in the CCR Delivery Options memorandum.  Panelists will discuss electronic delivery methods and approaches appropriate to meet CCR Rule requirements to “mail or otherwise directly deliver” the CCR to customers. The webinar is intended for community water systems, state and Federal drinking water regulators and other interested parties. The webinar will also provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions of the EPA representatives regarding delivery requirements.  There is no cost to attend this web event, but you must register in advance.