Cryptosporidium Laboratory Certification for LT2

EPA has just launched a new web page with updated information about Cryptosporidium laboratory certification under the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2).  The second round of Cryptosporidium monitoring under LT2 begins in 2015 and EPA is transitioning the control of laboratory certification for this contaminant over to states for this next round.

The web site contains many resources for those interested in the certification of the laboratories, including information about the analytical method and EPA regional contacts.  One resource of particular interest to states, is a set of Questions and Answers that covers common questions about laboratory certification for Cryptosporidium.  This document describes some of the unique characteristics of laboratory certification for Cryptosporidium based on how the certification requirement is described in the regulation.  EPA does not require states to have a certification program for Cryptosporidium or a state primacy laboratory as they are required to do for all other regulated contaminants.  For more details, see the web site and FAQ document here.