EPA Announces “Sandy” Funding

As part of the $50 billion Disaster Relief Appropriations Act signed into law on April 4, EPA has announced that nearly $570 million will be made available as water and wastewater grants for New York and New Jersey.  New York is set to receive $340 million and $229 million will be available for New Jersey utilities.  The original $600 million figure called for under the legislation has been reduced to meet sequestration requirements.

In a new approach to disaster relief, the funds will be used, not only to repair damaged facilities, but also to invest in upgrades to help them withstand potential future impacts.  Acting EPA Administrator Bob Perciasepe said, “The funding we’re providing will help to upgrade wastewater and drinking water facilities so that they can better withstand the effects of severe storms like Sandy…It will go toward projects that will incorporate green infrastructure, things like wetlands and detention basins to collect stormwater or natural features like sand dunes that are capable of mitigating stormwater impacts.”  Funds are also expected to be made available for flood prevention and redundant renewable energy sources.