Two Hydraulic Fracturing Input Opportunities

EPA recently announced the following opportunities for stakeholder input into their various hydraulic fracturing research activities:

  • Public Participation Opportunity for Meeting on EPA’s Hydraulic Fracturing Study:  Next week, EPA is offering public participation opportunities for its Hydraulic Fracturing Research Advisory Panel meeting on May 7–8, 2013 in Arlington, VA to provide feedback on the EPA Study’s progress report.  The public can view the meeting via webcast on the Science Advisory Board website.  An additional opportunity is being offered on May 16 to participate in a teleconference for the public to listen and submit relevant oral statements on EPA documents for consideration by the Panel. More information on the Science Advisory Board’s Hydraulic Fracturing Research Advisory Panel and its activities is available here.
  • Extension of Deadline for Accepting Hydraulic Fracturing Information and Data:  On Tuesday, April 30, EPA issued a Federal Register Notice (FR 25267) to extend the deadline (from April 30 until November 15, 2013) for the public to submit data and scientific literature to inform EPA’s research on the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing on drinking water resources.  To view the FR Notice and instructions for submissions, go to: