2014 Data Management Users Conference

As you plan ahead for 2014, please mark the 2014 Data Management Users Conference (DMUC) on your calendar and plan to attend. The 2014 DMUC will be held the week of May 12th in Kansas City Missouri.  We hope to start the week with some optional training on Monday and we will end the conference on Thursday, a day earlier this year. To maximize the use of our limited face-to-face time, we will hold some informational webinars the week prior to the conference.  So, try to be open during usual webinar times the week of May 5th as well. More information will be coming out as meeting details are decided.

Suggestions on meeting content are always welcome — especially volunteers willing to share specific tools and innovations. Just send your ideas to Darrell Osterhoudt (dosterhoudt@asdwa.org).