December SDWIS Prime Newsletter

As one of the outreach efforts related to SDWIS Prime (formerly known as SDWIS Next Gen) development, EPA issues a monthly newsletter highlighting current activities.  The December newsletter is attached to this Weekly Update.  It includes information on the new schedule for SDWIS Prime development which indicates that the initial version of SDWIS Prime will be completed in February 2015 in preparation for implementation in May of that year.  This is a change from the previous deadline of October 2014.

In this issue there is also coverage of SDWIS Prime transition activities, a discussion of interfacing applications, and an update on the State-EPA Interfacing Application Workgroup (IAWG).  The interfacing application discussion includes information about batch and interactive data exchange, including Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).  This topic is important because states make extensive use of ODBC with SDWIS/State but other data access/retrieval methods will be used for SDWIS Prime.  Please read the full issue for more details.

Attachment: SDWIS-Prime-OWG-Newsletter-December 2013