National Water Quality Monitoring Council’s 8th Edition of “National Water Monitoring News”

The National Water Quality Monitoring Council (or “Council”), has just released the eighth edition of their online newsletter National Water Monitoring News:  This newsletter provides a forum of communication among water practitioners across the Nation. In support of the national Council’s mission, this newsletter is geared to foster partnerships and collaboration; advance water science; improve monitoring strategies; and enhance data integration, comparability, and reporting.  This edition highlights many events, activities, and new products and we hope the information is useful for your water needs.  Among the topics included are the following:

  • Updates on the Council’s 9th National Monitoring Conference (April 28th – May 2nd, 2014)
  • Council Resource – Release of NEMI 4.0 (National Environmental Methods Index)
  • New Tools and Technology:
    • USGS Techniques and Methods Report on the Use of Optical Nitrate Sensor
    • Molecular Sequence Data for Diatoms of the US
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Development to Estimate Lake Chlorophyll Concentrations
    • U.S. EPA’s Water Contaminant Information Tool (WCIT)
  • Updates on monitoring including:
    • U.S. EPA’s National Aquatic Resource Surveys
    • Midwest Stream Quality Assessment
    • BLM and EPA Collaboration to Conduct Stream and River Surveys on Public Lands
  • Spotlight on State programs from Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Florida
  • The Volunteer Bacteria Monitoring Collaborative in the Connecticut River Watershed
  • New National Tribal Water Council Website as a Water Monitoring Resource for Tribes and Tribal Consortia

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